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In today’s digital world you can see different platforms and various software’s available for your company and to choose the best automated software can be difficult. As digital world is growing, companies are constantly striving to improve their customer support service to enhance customer satisfaction. Thus, automated help desk software is a game changer, empowering support agents to streamline their workforce, reduce response time, and provide excellent customer experience. Automated help desk software receives and responds to customer issues from a unified workspace and deliver personalized and high quality customer support. According to research, if you have help desk software then you end up saving almost 670 working hours per year, reduce phone calls by approx. 10%, and also allow 25% of your help desk resources to be available for any immediate or incident resolution.

What is help desk software?

Help desk software is used as an application that organizes all incoming client’s communication in a single platform. Help desk managers can keep a check on customer queries, monitor support agent performance, generate reports etc. This software makes customer support easy and fun. You can also work with IT help desk service company. They will Provide you all the support you need without doing anything by yourself.

Benefits of Help desk software in a business:

Help desk automation application allows companies to take customer service to next level by processing automated tickets, customer updates on status of their request, respond to customer queries and they can also automatically send customer surveys to capture customer feedback to analyze agent’s performance and also they will provide training if necessary.

  • Faster response time: Having a help desk software will collect all the customer queries and information received from different platforms and routing a customer to right help desk agent, thus it decreases the response time.

  • Increase in agent’s productivity: 88% of companies claim that automated software solutions contributed to boosting their employee’s productivity, helps in completing all the tasks, save agents time, and allow them to focus on more demanding tasks.

  • Improve in customer services: Every customer expects that company should solve their issues in very minimum time and thus this help desk software help every company to resolve issues quickly and leads to improving customer service.

  • Improve efficiency: Automation can help efficiently manages incoming calls and requests, will save time and efforts by sorting all customer request.

  • 24*7 Support: Your agent can only work some hours per day but if having automated help desk software, it provides instant response around the clock.

Here are top 5 automated help desk software:

1) Zendesk: Zendesk is most well know and most used software on the market today. Zendesk features are very simple to understand and it allows help desk team to get up and run the software quickly.

The top features of Zendesk are;

  • Tasks are automated such as closing inactive ticket alerts, and notifying the manager of any new issue.

  • The software includes IVR system that recognizes keywords, offers solution and also routes the call to one of your agent from your company.

  • Also you can create AI Chatbot which will make help answer customers question and may even provide solution.

  • You can also feed pre-written responses so that it can answer specific customer’s question.

2) Zoho Desk: Zoho desk is a cloud based automated help desk software which has automation tool to quickly answer customer’s question. This impact on providing better customer, improve productivity at scale, will help you focus on issues that requires attention.

The top features of Zoho desk are;

  • Use the ticket to set criteria and rules so that it is assigned to appropriate agent.

  • You can automate the complete process such as sending emails, assigning tasks, updating specific fields of certain records.
  • Customer can be notified to ticket updates and simultaneously your agent will be notified of customer responses.

3) Salesforce service cloud: You’ve probably heard about salesforce cloud before, as it is considered as one of the popular and most used software across the globe. It has customizable features which allow you to run all your tasks smoothly and also you can add custom automated workflows.

The top features of Salesforce service cloud are;

  • Provides quick service, you can access customer profile, purchase history and account information.

  • Manages various unit of support team to provide better customer service.

  • Provides accurate services and routes enquires to appropriate team.

4) Dynamic 365 customer service: One of the best customer service automation software which enables personalized services with 360 degree customer view provides visibility into service agent performance which also includes dashboard and reports.

The top features of Dynamic 365 customer services are;

  • It empowers all agents to resolve customer issues.

  • Creating self service portal for customers so that they can search for solutions to their problems and also they can request assistance.

  • You can use the power of Chatbot in this software.

  • It generates automatic reports to monitor your agent’s performance.

5) Freshdesk: Freshdesk is automated software which helps to automate all your work by scanning every support ticket and also it takes care of your repetitive tasks which will save time of your agents.

Top features of Freshdesk are;

  • It will create pre-formatted replies to most common questions of all customers.

  • Notifies customers about changes or new updates of your business through email.

  • Creating Chatbot to resolve all issues of customers and it engages with customers.


Automated help desk will improve the quality of service you provide to all customers, allows you to respond customers in no time. So choose the best automated help desk software according to pricing, features and your usage. Contact us to choose and implement a help desk automated software.