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Microsoft Cloud App Security

Securing User Behavior with Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security, now known as Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that protects data, detects and combats cyber threats, and controls access. It works nicely with popular services such as Amazon Web Services, G Suite, Google Cloud, and Dropbox.

You will need the best partners to handle new difficulties, such as establishing a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture.

Regarding cloud security, the network and partner behind the platform are equally as important as the platform itself. You need a leader in networking and security with the experience and foresight to help your organization as it grows and changes.

Cloud computing promotes the flexibility of employees and IT teams. Yet, it poses additional security risks and difficulties for your firm. To reap the benefits of cloud applications and services, an IT team must establish the optimal balance between facilitating access and securing sensitive data.

Here is where a Cloud Access Security Broker comes into play to remedy the imbalance, securing your organization’s use of cloud services by enforcing your enterprise’s security standards. As the name suggests, CASBs is a gatekeepers to facilitate real-time access between your workplace users and the cloud resources they utilize, regardless of location or device.

Professional Labs achieves this by uncovering and revealing Shadow IT and app use, monitoring user activities for anomalous behaviors, limiting access to your resources, enabling the classification and prevention of sensitive information leaks, safeguarding against malicious actors, and evaluating the compliance of cloud services.

The Microsoft Cloud App Security tool:

  • Allows you to see who has access to what data and applications.
  • keeps tabs on what people are up to.
  • Uses categories to keep private data safe.
  • Guarantees observance of the rules.


Discover how to select a cloud security provider based on essential criteria, such as technical skills and business requirements, to accomplish the four objectives of a SASE architecture:

  • Streamlining: enhance productivity and integrate existing tools
  • Security: identify and thwart the most dangerous threats of 2021
  • Scalability: enabling productivity and performance as your organization evolves.
  • Support: Back up your long-term investments.


Does Microsoft Cloud App Security work well?

Microsoft Cloud App Security can be largely replicated by alternative software. Still, you must combine many solutions to provide the same cloud protection level.

A solution comprising disparate security technologies may leave defenses vulnerable and not provide the same amount of control over policies or user actions.

Microsoft Cloud App Security, on the other hand, integrates with other potent tools to protect your complete cloud environment.

Microsoft Cloud App Security: Working with a world of apps

MCAS is designed to work with more than 16,000 apps, and when you use one or more of the apps on its list, MCAS analyses usage, access, and other essential information. It even searches proxy server records for these applications, providing a comprehensive insight into their activity.

Future-proof yourself. Discover security measures today.


Microsoft Cloud App Security is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that can be deployed in various ways. It provides comprehensive visibility, allows you to control how your data travels, and offers sophisticated analytics to detect and combat cyber threats across your cloud services.

Microsoft Store apps deserve more trust than other apps because they have been vetted by Microsoft staff for security, technical compliance, and content. They also run in a sandbox, so they can’t harm other parts of your system.

Go to Settings, then pick Files under Information Protection. Choose Enable file monitoring, followed by Save. Under Information Protection, select Microsoft Information Protection if you utilize sensitivity labels from Microsoft Purview Information Protection. Choose the necessary parameters, then click Save.

Defender for Cloud focuses on securing Azure workloads (and AWS & GCP, hence the name change from Azure Defender to Defender for Cloud). Defender for Cloud Applications focuses on detecting shadow IT, managing end-user access to SaaS services, and imposing policy. Cloud app security can locate, evaluate, and unsanctioned control applications, safeguard data within sanctioned applications and detect and mitigate cloud risks. Microsoft Cloud App Security is a CASB that offers enterprise-level visibility, control, and security for all cloud-based applications.