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Beware of phishing. Protect Email Data Professional Labs Email Security protects your inbox

Take a people-centric approach to email security

Cybercriminals increasingly target people rather than infrastructure; in response to new and more sophisticated cyber threats, businesses must implement proper controls to safeguard corporate communication from business email security compromise, malware, ransomware, and credential phishing.

To keep ahead of attackers and reduce security risks, you need an innovative method to detect, analyze, and block advanced email threats before they reach the inbox.

Get Peace of Mind from Data Security:

safeguard confidential information and simplify compliance. Professional Labs Email scans messages and attachments automatically for sensitive material, including seamlessly integrated encryption.

Prevent Data Loss

Build cross-DLP rules for organizations and individual users to protect sensitive information by detecting financials, confidential material, health information, and personally identifiable information in all emails and attachments.


Encrypt and Authentication

Encrypt emails and add a digital signature to authenticate sender identity with S/MIME, or choose from various customized encryption options, such as TLS encryption, attachment and message encryption (PDF and Office), or add-on complete web portal encryption.


Secure email with the best deployment flexibility in the industry

  • Safeguards against all email assaults, including phishing, ransomware, and money fraud.
  • With or without a gateway, get industry-leading efficacy provided in the manner that best matches your needs.
  • Detect the most complex cyberattacks with AI technology.

More proactive, more intelligent, easier, and faster email security solutions

Email is the portal via which the vast majority of essential corporate communication passes and the entry point for the vast majority of cyberattacks. Email security must protect against all email-based assaults that cybercriminals have developed, including phishing, spam, malware, ransomware, and brand impersonation. And large-scale cloud services providers, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, require the most excellent protection available for a straightforward reason: they are the most attractive targets.

Professional Labs Email Security offers two deployment options besides its AI-powered, best-in-class security.

Email Security Cloud Gateway is ideally suited for businesses that need to handle increasingly sophisticated email systems, including the need for configurable policies and granular controls. This solution can also be used with Professional Labs  comprehensive solution package, which includes award-winning awareness training, tools that proactively protect your brand and supply chain, and an unequaled portfolio of open APIs and pre-built connectors for sharing threat intelligence.

Email Security, Cloud Integrated can be deployed in minutes and is ideal for organizations seeking to optimize M365 environment protection. An Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that does not require an MX record change dramatically simplifies email security administration with out-of-the-box settings, an intuitive homepage that displays what has been blocked and why, and one-click threat remediation.

Benefits of Email Security Services

Reduce complexity

Stop the requirement for extra email security solutions. Outsource needs for tactical email security and gain actionable information.

Monitoring and management

Security analysts and responders are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to prevent malicious incoming and outgoing emails from causing data loss.

Email security best practices

Frequent evaluations of email security settings, policies, attack kinds, and frequency, along with proactive recommendations for email security.

Support email compliance

Implementing usage policies for email as part of a compliance program.

Extended help in email investigations

Advanced email attacks need careful, ongoing protection and responses to threats.


A secure email service offers measures to protect your email account’s security and contents.


This is typically achieved using end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption indicates that the email is encrypted from the sender to the recipient.

Each secure email service provider offers a unique set of features. These are some considerations you should make.


Server Location

Several countries, such as the United States, collect and share intelligence data acquired from email server logs. If you are more concerned about hackers than government organizations, you may not care about this.



Symmetric encryption encrypts and decrypts data using the same key. Both the sender and receiver must possess this key. Asymmetric encryption (public-key cryptography or encryption) encrypts data using two distinct sets of keys.

TLS is the preferred encryption method because it’s newer and offers more robust security features than SSL. It’s also a good idea to combine TLS-based email encryption with email authentication to ensure the integrity of email messages.

The average email security configuration costs for companies less than 500 employee size up to $100 – $500, and for large companies, they are up to $2,000

EOP automatically protects email messages in Microsoft 365 enterprises with Exchange Online mailboxes or Exchange Online Protection (EOP) organizations without Exchange Online mailboxes from spam (junk email).