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Managed SOC Service

Keep your Security Operations Strong and Scalable With Our Managed SOC Service

Professional Labs is a completely managed service provided by security professionals that identify and respond to intrusions on your PCs, servers, networks, cloud security, email accounts, and more.

Managed SOC Services assist businesses in detecting, preventing, and responding to IT infrastructure risks. Professional Labs has provided real-time monitoring, proactive prevention, efficient management, immediate managed detection, and rapid reaction to security problems of varying complexity since the year 1997

Why Choose Professional Labs for your Managed SOC Service

The goal of Professional Labs, a Managed SOC provider, is to assist companies of all sizes in enhancing their security operations center. Our services are more capable of safeguarding assets than any internal SOC since we have a team of cybersecurity experts available to be deployed at any moment.

  • 15+ years of experience in cybersecurity.
  • 24/7, India/UAE-based experience SOC team.
  • A cloud-centric MSSP, based on the Prevent – Manage – Detect – Respond model.
  • Professional Labs Cyber Security Team Proactively gathers threat intelligence data 24×7
  • Faster incident response with cutting-edge tools
  • Risks are mitigated via Machine Learning and behavior analysis alerts
  • Pro Laboratories Cyber Security Champions have an insatiable zeal for managed SOC Services.
  • We provide MDR, XDR, as well as vulnerability assessment solutions.
  • We are Microsoft gold partners with Microsoft-certified Azure experts.

Security Threat Detection

Stay one step ahead of identified and undiscovered cyber attacks and stop them in their tracks with AI-powered 24/7 threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities, all while enhancing the efficiency of your security operations center. Utilize endpoint management and surveillance capabilities to protect all devices in your environments against endpoint assaults.

Customer’s Managed SOC Needs that We Address

Professional Labs, a managed SOC service provider with 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, customizes its solution for each client. SaaS providers from the healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, eCommerce and retail industries are among our customers.

As an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), we address the following security needs:

  • Sufficient security coverage across customers’ diverse IT environments.
  • Threat protection for IT infrastructure against real-time nontargeted threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
  • Compliance with the rules and standards for security, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and so on.
Professional labs soc services Value Propositions

Why you should use Security Operation Center (Managed SOC) Service

  • With 24/7 monitoring, you receive the highest level of protection and assurance.
  • Faster incident response and prevention.
  • Avoid financial loss as a result of a data breach.
  • Gain trust and improve your work relationships with clients.
Professional Labs Managed SOC Services Compliance

Learn how to maximize your company’s technological and financial potential with a free consultation from Professional Labs.

FAQ’s For Managed SOC Services

SOC as a Service (also known as Managed SOC) is a subscription service that allows businesses to “outsource” their SOC service operations to a third party. Managed SOC providers are third-party cybersecurity specialists that keep tabs on a business’s IT infrastructure, endpoints, software, and data for potential security flaws. They’re capable of finding threats before they even happen, responding quickly to any alerts they get, and fixing any problems that arise.

As a managed service, SOC as a service keeps an eye on security around the clock, utilizing automation and data science to increase the speed of detection and the reliability of alarms. Vulnerability evaluations, threat surveillance, and incident responses are all part of a security operations center (SOC) as a service.

  • There are five main stages in creating a SOC:
  • Planning the SOC.
  • Designing the SOC.
  • Building the SOC.
  • Operating the SOC.
  • Reviewing the SOC.

A SOC manager is in charge of the security operations team and reports to the CIO (CISO). They are in charge of the team, give technical advice, and run things the following ways: Oversees how SOC staff are hired, trained, and evaluated. Makes things happen.


A committed SOC is a service that gives an MSP access to a private network of experienced security analysts that they can use to add to or grow their new rosters. In this model, security experts are equipped to work with the processes and security tools that your company already has.