The very best PKI Consulting Services from the industry leader

We believe every organization is different, just as no two environments within the same company are ever the same. Professional Labs believes in this in each engagement.
We work closely develop a clear picture of your expertise and security challenges to determine how to move forward to where you want to be. We move forward, whether you have a defined scope or just getting started and need help envisioning the project. We approach with a pragmatic need to balance security with organizational needs.

Best PKI Consulting Services

  • We design and deploy customs’ PKI (On-prem PKI and Cloud-based PKI) to establish a secure communication internally to communicate safely with their customers, suppliers, and partners. With our experience across many industries, Professional Labs accelerates a business’s risk reduction efforts and payback time for their infrastructure investments.
  • Professional Labs provides PKI design and implementation services for existing and a new PKI Infrastructure for both On-prem PKI (Microsoft PKI) and Cloud-based PKI.
  • A well-built PKI is critical to its long-term viability and integrity. But long before the first piece of software is installed, security requirements must be properly defined. Professional Labs can provide you the expertise you need to ensure your environment will not only meet your needs today but is ready for whatever comes up down the road.
  • Correct design and implementation are critical to the success of any PKI environment, and a surprising number are abandoned or retired due to improper security controls and documentation. Rarely is a PKI ever downgraded to a lower security posture. Should you require a PKI Assessment, PKI Support Services, or a Co-Managed PKI, please feel free to reach out to us.

PKI Assessment (ADCS)

The Active Directory Certificate Services Assessment (ADCSA) provides insight into the configuration and health of a Windows ADCS environment.

This engagement uses a variety of tools and a survey to collect data and produces a customized report for your environment.

The ADCS Assessment analyzes your ADCS-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) against published Microsoft ADCS recommended practices and creates a checklist of recommendations to help ensure that the environment is securely and properly maintained.

Areas of focus covered in the ADCSA include:
  • Certificate Authority configuration and design
  • Component health
  • Physical and logical security controls
  • Group policy design
  • Documentation
  • Certificate usage statistics