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Microsoft dynamics 365 supply chain management is basically a cloud based enterprise resource planning solution which is designed to help companies streamline manufacturing and supply chain processes and it also build intelligence supply chain. It will help in empowering your company to shift from reactive to proactive operations. This solution will collect data and use insights, manufacturing productivity and supply chain agility through IOT and AI across the complete process right from order fulfillment to transportation which boost operational effectiveness, product quality and profitability. The dynamic 365 supply chain will also help in improving production process.

Let’s look after the benefits of dynamic 365 supply chain management:

  • Automated supply chain: One of the biggest benefits here is; you can analyze your supply chain and purchasing integration with production, logistics, inventory, transport, and also management system of warehouses. You can also adjust your performance and contracts with different stakeholders. You can also make a change in your planning process and can improve overall cash flow depending upon demand and worker capacity management.

  • Improved warehouse management: Dynamic 365 management helps your company to develop and maintain efficient warehouse operations for quick packing and picking orders. It will also help in management of process right from manufacturing, distribution, transportation, purchase, sale and return process. Overall it will help in improving warehouse management of your company.

  • Maximized production performance: The benefit here is; it maximized production performance in terms of quality, and achieves a real time insight via IOT to handle entire shop floor and machine operations. Also the process is followed systematically with the help of AI and also it gives you recommendation to achieve optimal solutions.

  • Improved demand forecasting: If company has to keep up with competition then they must have certain strategy planned to predict and achieve the target demand. This solution helps companies generate more accurate forecasts.

  • Flexibility through order management: The biggest benefit is you can manage orders and has control over order management according to the customers demand and orders.

Here’s how you can build intelligence supply chain:

With the use of dynamics 365 supply chain management, you can focus on customer experience, easy data sharing, and multiple business opportunities. It also provides consistence data structure that visualizes data insights across all the process in your company. You can also create a digital enterprise to operate from the main source of company.

Intelligence supply chain management can streamline the entire work process and also reduces stress of stakeholders. The decisions are also made on basis of real time data and analytics. Intelligence supply chain management helps to reduce inventory cost, increase order accuracy, and optimize the logistics and transport facilities. You need not to take regular follow up of the entire process because the system will streamline every work flow. This leads to responding quickly to change in demand and supply, avoid stock outs, and automatically it reduces lead times. There are several components of intelligence supply chain management;

Demand forecasting, inventory management, warehouse management, procurement and sourcing, master planning, sales and marketing management, transportation management, quality management, reports and analytics, product lifecycle, AI and IOT.

How dynamics 365 enables intelligence supply chain management for your organization?

  • Microsoft dynamics 365 has an advanced analytics and also real time data capabilities. It will provide your company with end to end visibility and analytics. It also allows you to monitor all the supply chain activities and you can even have control of it. Microsoft dynamics 365 will help you generate actionable insights, helping identify bottleneck, predict issues, and optimize processes to boost accuracy and productivity.

  • Microsoft dynamics 365 leverages AI and machine learning algorithm for predictive data and analytics, enables company to make accurate demand forecast and help in decision making.

  • You can automate many of supply chain processes which include order management, inventory tracking, and fulfillment. When all tasks are automated, companies can reduce manual errors, increase productivity, accurate workflow, focus on more strategic activities.

  • There is complete transparency between different departments, internal or external teams or even between partners and different companies. This transparency will help company reduce misunderstanding, increase response time and enhance overall process of supply chain.
  • The feature allows in managing the risk, allow for tracking and tracing the products, ensuring quality control etc.


In today’s competitive business environment, intelligence supply chain management is necessary to acquire and retain customers. If you don’t want to fall behind the competition, the implementing intelligence supply chain management is necessary.

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