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In-House vs. Managed Services: Which Integration Model is Right for You?

Using latest technology is an essential need for any company’s in their day to day operations. To remain competitive, you need to be up to date with all latest technology and trends. Many companies are in search for way to manage their system, applications, processes, workflow and it can be whether through In-house or by managed system. Many companies are still confused with which one is better and which one to choose. This is an ongoing debate, so in this article we will help you to understand more about In-house service and Cloud Managed services Providers.

What is In-house service?

In-house services are those where company hires its own staff and its own infrastructure to manage and take all the responsibility to handle company’s IT operations.

Advantages of In House Services:

  • You have a team that completely understands your company: The biggest advantage here when you have in-house service for your company is, that you know who your team is, a team that understands system, strategies and objectives and also company gives them upper hand in resolving all the technical issues.
  • You can control the data: You get the full control on your data even for market subject to a lot of regulations such as healthcare, finance, using your internal team you would know all about the data and change in data.
  • Customization: When you have in-house service with you, you can customize it as you see fit. You can even hire employees based on their qualifications and experience who are sufficient enough to handle the department. Also we the help of in-house team, you can even customize all hardware and software that you’ll have in your network. Customizing includes everything right from email filtering, looking for antivirus, firewalls and servers.
  • Better management: When you prefer in-house services for your company, you can manage the team easily and can visit the team any time you want with all your questions and concerns. By having in-person conversation with your in-house department helps you to solve the issue more quickly rather than solving it over a call.

Disadvantages of In-House Services:

  • Lack of 24*7 support: When you have in-house team, there is no guarantee that you get 24*7 support. Also your employee can be on leave for any reason, so you have to ensure that there are some in and out days.
  • Limited resources: There are limited resources that the company could provide to the in-house team.
  • It can be expensive: When you have in-house service team, the cost can quickly add up. You have to pay the team the salary and even benefits of every full time employee. You have to also pay for some other equipment’s and resources which are essential for the team to work, which turns out to be even more costly. To get benefits for your company, you need to buy variety of cyber security and management software which is again quite expensive.

What is Managed Service?

Managed service is about contract based partnership where the outside company manages the daily functions of your company.

Advantages of Managed Services:

  • Are much cheaper: people often think that managed services are quite expensive, but it actually ends up being cheaper that hiring In-house service team. For in-house team you have to pay salary, other benefits along with that department additional cost. Here, in that one salary of the in-house employee you get an entire managed IT package which is much cheaper that in-house services.
  • Easy development: Building your own in-house department required lot of efforts and time. Right from looking for new space, hire people, figuring out equipment, look after how much to spend and so on. But, in case of managed services all you have to do is sign with a experienced managed service provider and then they take over from there.
  • Productive: In-house team can be distracted from the main job of protecting your network, but in case of outsourcing managed service provider you lower the risk of having an overwhelmed in-house service department.
  • Security: Managed service provider employs a variety of tactics to keep all your data safe and provide better security for all your work and networks.
  • 24*7 Monitoring: If there is any issue in any network or some other work, they provide 24*7 help for your company. You don’t have to worry about your in-house team taking holidays and work remains pending and not secure.
  • Access to latest technology: Many business struggles to keep up with latest technology when they have in-house team, so by hiring managed services you get access to all latest technology which can be more beneficial for your company.

Disadvantages of Managed Service:

  • No in-person conversation: The drawback of managed services is that there is no in-person conversation on daily basis or no immediate conversation also. You must wait for some time to interact with them and then get things done from the team.
  • Lack of company knowledge/value: The managed team may not have that passion or understanding about your company and the company value and, therefore, they might lack behind in offering the service which you expect them to provide which results in negative customer review.

So which one is better and which integration model is right for you?

To choose which one is better, it totally depends on your company, type of company and company needs. Some companies may prefer in-house services and some may prefer managed services.

Both are totally different and have different advantages and disadvantages. To choose for your company, you need to know company’s IT needs and your company’s current IT capabilities.

So before making final decision, you must first understand each services and what kind of benefits they provide for your company. Conduct a research before deciding whether to go with In-house services or whether to choose Managed services.

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