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Cloud network are becoming popular in recent days among businesses due to their ability to provide a secure, cost-effective and reliable way to store and secure the data. However, if your cloud network is not under proper maintenance and management then it became inefficient and costly. Many businesses face the complexity of cloud network and also face certain challenges.

What is Cloud Network?

The cloud network is referred to as cloud-based network which is a type of computer network that utilized cloud computing resources and services to facilitate communication and exchange of data between various devices and system. In cloud network, cloud computing involves delivering various services such as storage, processing power, networking etc. The cloud network uses these services to provide scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for connecting devices, applications and users.

The key characteristics of cloud network are;

  • Scalability: Cloud network can easily scale up or down on basis of volume of traffic or by the total number of users without requiring significant hardware changes.
  • Flexibility: Cloud network are often flexible in configuring and managing network resources.
  • Cost Efficiency: Cloud network offer pay-as-you-go model, where it allows you to pay for the resources you use. That is why it is cost effective network.
  • Global Reach: Cloud network provides distributed presence, where it allows users to access resources from any part of the world.
  • Reliability: Many cloud network offer redundant infrastructure which ensures it is highly available and reliability.
  • Security: Cloud network provides best security features to protect data and network traffic.

Use of cloud network is important, but it is also important to clean inefficient and costly cloud network. Cleaning inefficient and costly cloud network involves optimizing cloud resources, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring that you’re only using those resources which you actually need.

Ways to Clean Inefficient and Costly Cloud Network:

1) Cloud Cost Analysis:

Analyze the cloud network. Look for major cost cutting factors.

2) Resources Utilization Analysis:

Use certain monitoring tools to track the utilization cloud resource which includes memory, storage devices, CPU etc. Identify those resources which operate at low utilization levels.

3) Rightsizing Resources:

Resize virtual machines to match the actual workload requirement and downsize or terminate those resources which are not often used.

4) Storage Optimization:

Review the storage pattern and delete old backups, snapshots, unnecessary storage resources or unused resources.

5) Networking Optimization:

Analyze network traffic pattern to identify bottlenecks or area where excessive data is transferred.

6) Idle Resource Cleanup:  

Identify the resources which are not in use and shut it down during certain periods like non-business hours, weekends or special days.

7) Automation of Resources:

Set-up and implement automation resources where the resources are automatically adjusted as needed.

8) Review and Governance:

Implement regular reviews to identify new inefficiencies as they arise as well as establish governance practices to prevent future inefficiencies.

9) Cost Management Tools:

Use cost management tools to manage costs and get insights and recommendations for cost optimization.

10) Engage with Experts:

Consult or hire a cloud cost optimization experts or cloud network providers who are experts to help you manage cloud networks.


Remember that cloud cost optimization is an ongoing process, so you need to revisit and refine your strategies as your cloud network workload evolves or it changes overtime. Target specific inefficiencies and by applying focused solutions, you can effectively clean up your inefficient and costly cloud network. Follow these steps to maintain performance and functionality of cloud network.

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