With Azure Migrate, conduct at-scale, agentless SQL Server discovery and evaluation

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Your cloud migration and modernization journey will be successful if your on-premises infrastructure, databases, and apps are successfully moved to Azure. We are committed to making this process simple. We sought to achieve as much seamlessness as feasible in these core migration scenarios at each significant milestone. We are announcing today the availability of the SQL Server at-scale, agentless discovery and migration-readiness exams in preview. A unified view of your complete datacenter, including Windows Server, Linux, and SQL Server, can now be created using Azure Migrate.

To fulfil migration demands, Azure Migrate offers a streamlined, comprehensive portfolio of Microsoft and partner capabilities in one location. We are combining three tools that support server, database, and web app inspections into one streamlined end-to-end sequence with this version. Assessments for Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure SQL Database are the initial step in that path. We will soon add support for integrated assessments for Azure App Service to our list of expansions.

In order to migrate to Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance, you can now find your SQL Server instances and databases that are currently running in a VMware environment and examine their setup, performance, and application dependencies. Assessments will cover cost estimates, right-sizing, and Azure SQL readiness. Now you can easily identify your complete SQL estate and do migration assessments for IaaS and PaaS with a single, unified experience.

SQL Server, Linux, and Windows Server onboarding in a single process

The Azure Migrate appliance for VMware provides assistance with migration, software inventory, discovery, evaluation, and software inventory.

To begin finding your SQL Server instances and databases, either deploy a new Azure Migrate on-premises appliance or upgrade your current appliance. The appliance can also be used to map agentless dependencies and inventory installed software.

Domain, non-domain, and SQL authentication are now all acceptable forms of authentication for discovery. Server and database credentials throughout the entire estate will be automatically mapped by the Azure Migrate appliance.

Your login information is encrypted and kept on your appliance in your datacenter to ensure that it is safe. Microsoft receives no credentials.

Map application dependencies using SQL Server

You may model SQL Server servers, the various instances and databases on those servers, including numerous SQL instances operating on the same server, with the aid of Azure Migrate discovery.

One Azure Migrate appliance can find up to 6,000 databases, and it collects SQL performance statistics every 30 seconds to provide you the most accurate right-sizing suggestions.

Starting with SQL Server 2008 and ending with SQL Server 2019, you can find SQL instances and databases. Support is provided for the Developer, Enterprise, Express, and Web editions.

SQL Server version, edition, availability mode, number and size of user databases, and compatibility level are just a few of the discovery information’s components.

When you need to prepare a server migration for interdependent servers, you can utilise the agentless dependency mapping capability to identify application tiers or interdependent applications.

Assessment, sizing, and budgeting for Azure SQL

Azure Migrate assessment now natively includes the assessment logic that our SQL Server team has built over the years, augmented to deliver an at-scale experience for SQL Server. Azure Migrate also supports assessments for Azure infrastructure service and Azure VMware Solution.

By being able to define the target Azure location, Azure SQL deployment type, reserved capacity, service tier, and performance history, you can tailor assessments for your particular circumstance.

You’ll receive recommendations that are best-fit, including the selection of the appropriate service tier and sizing based on performance history. Projected CPU and storage expenses are also included in assessments based on the target Azure SQL setup that is the most cost-efficient.

You can surface obstacles and concerns in addition to information about migration readiness so that you can address them as necessary.

To evaluate and find the best target Azure alternatives for you, you can also build numerous assessments for the same set of SQL instances and databases, modify assessment inputs at any time, and generate multiple assessments for the same set of SQL instances and databases.

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Available across all Azure locations, Azure Migrate is cost-free. Azure Migrate now has new functionality for ASP.NET and Java app containerization in addition to discovery, mapping of application dependencies, assessment, and migration.