Utilize Microsoft threat intelligence technologies to monitor threats and strengthen defences.

We are excited to present two new security products that fulfil our objective of providing more information into threat actors and assisting clients in securing their infrastructure.

Utilize Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence to monitor the patterns and actions of threat actors.

With more information, insights, and analysis than ever before, this new tool supports security operations teams in identifying attacker infrastructure and accelerating investigation and cleanup. Although threat intelligence is now incorporated into our platform’s real-time detections and security products like Microsoft Sentinel, customers still require direct access to real-time data and Microsoft’s unparalleled signal to proactively search for threats throughout their environments.

For instance, enemies frequently launch their attacks from a variety of devices with individual IP addresses. Finding the perpetrator of an attack and their arsenal of weapons can be difficult and time-consuming. Defender Threat Intelligence identifies the attacker or threat family as well as the components of their malicious infrastructure using built-in AI and machine learning. Armed with this knowledge, security teams can track down and eliminate adversarial tools already present in their company and prevent their future use in programmes like Microsoft Sentinel, aiding in the defence against new attacks.

Utilize Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management to view your company through the eyes of an attacker.

Security teams now have the ability to find unidentified and unmanaged resources that are visible and reachable via the internet thanks to the new Defender External Attack Surface Management, basically giving them the same perspective an attacker has to choose a target. Customers who use Defender External Attack Surface Management can find unmanaged resources that might serve as possible points of entry for attackers.

Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management, each day monitors the internet and its connections. This creates an exhaustive inventory of a customer’s environment, finding all resources that are accessible via the internet, including agentless and unmanaged assets. New vulnerabilities are given priority through continuous monitoring, which doesn’t require agents or passwords. Customers can follow the recommended steps to reduce risk by bringing these resources under secure administration using technologies like Microsoft Defender for Cloud after they have this comprehensive view of the enterprise.


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