Never before has it been simpler to move your files to Azure

Since every application must transition to Azure, we take great delight in listening to our clients and developing products and alliances that address their needs. We are aware that transferring tens of terabytes to several petabytes of file data from file servers, NAS devices, and object storage to Azure is necessary for the migration of virtual desktop, virtual server, high performance compute, analytics, and many other key applications. In order to reduce the inherent complexity and danger of these projects, file data must be moved between diverse systems using automated, user-friendly, and scalable methods. According to feedback from our customers, moving unstructured and semi-structured file data to Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, and Azure NetApp Files has to be quick and simple so you can concentrate on using Azure services to innovate.

With the launch of the Azure File Migration Program, customers and partners in our ecosystem of Solution Integrators and Service Providers will have free access to market-leading file migration solutions from Komprise and Data Dynamics. Easy, secure, and safe file and object data migration to Azure Storage is made possible by these solutions.

With Azure Migrate, you can migrate virtual machines, websites, databases, and virtual desktops for crucial applications using a very strong set of free (or inexpensive) tools. By moving legacy apps from servers to containers and creating a cloud native environment, you may modernise them. Our new service serves as a supplement to Azure Migrate and offers a way to move workloads and apps that contain significant amounts of unstructured file data.
This programme provides access to the support team of the company that provides migration solutions, free software licence, and an onboarding session. A thorough comparison of the products is available, together with films highlighting their features and the Data Dynamics and Komprise Getting Started Guides. Selecting the suitable Azure sponsored offer from the Azure Marketplace after deciding on the solution that best meets your needs is simple.

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Please visit our Tech Community Blog to read an article by Principal Program Manager Karl Rautenstrauch that will assist you proceed and take advantage of this fantastic offer if you’d want to learn more about this programme. Visit the Azure Migration and Modernization Center to learn more about moving application workloads to Azure.