B2B Lead Generation

We understand the B2B market and apprehend that it involves an entire team of decision-makers and not just individuals. We also realize the process could run for days before reaching a fruitful conclusion. Therefore, we curate a highly customized strategy for your business interest and ensure we optimize your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

Market Qualified Leads (MQL)
Market Qualified Leads are the leads that have cleared the first hurdle and are steps away from transforming into customers. MQLs are up-and-coming leads who are curious about your product or service and are considering you; however, they haven't wholly committed to the step-up into a sales conversation hitherto.

Nevertheless, they have a need or have denoted an interest in your product or service; hence, they are more amenable to your sales pitch than any random lead. Market Qualified Leads also present an intent to buy the product; during the initial step of this process, the Lead has voluntarily engaged with your business.
BANT Qualified Leads
  • BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Time.
  • BANT is a trustworthy framework as it has stood the test of time. BANT has successfully provided a solution for half a decade now. The determination of Lead's quality occurs based on which elements match and which one is left unmarked, as each component has a higher weightage than the one following it. However, if all the elements generate a positive response, it is the Lead of the highest quality.
  • We at Professional Labs comprehend the urgency of closing a hot lead before it descends into a cold. We realize the critical factors which could make or break a deal, and accordingly, we find a perfect solution using the BANT framework to satisfy all the parameters.
Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)
Sales Qualified Leads are essentially the customers who are thoroughly vetted by the organization's sales team and are flagged ready to be pushed forward for the next step for final pitching and closure. At Professional Labs, once the potential Lead showcases enough interest in a product or service while simultaneously qualifying through 3 customized questions, the Lead is determined as a sales ready lead. By this point, the Lead has undergone multi-channel verification and has been promoted to be ready for the final pitch.

SQLs are equivalent to gold drops; they stand at the final point of transactions and are just a step away from being converted into a customer. SQLs are boon for quick closure and optimization of your sales team, so your sales team exclusively focuses on selling and nothing else. To comprehend how SQL could be a game-changer for your organization, please connect to our sales executive, or fill the inquiry form.
Appointment Generation
Appointment Setting is a critical process in looking for prospective clients and achieving your sales goals. It is of vital importance to reach the right decision-makers. Effective execution of appointment setting requires cold calling expertise to shortlist, segregate, and zero down on your target audience.

We at Professional Labs would like you to settle for nothing but the best. Therefore, our Appointment Generation expert helps you clearly comprehend the flux of B2B appointment settings. We realize that setting an appointment with a potential decision-maker cannot be executed over a call. Right from the first hello to the last thank you, it is work-in-progress.
Email Marketing
Modern problems require modern solutions! We dabble in digital marketing too! Professional Labs uses email marketing as a way to target prospects directly.

We use email marketing as a tool by building an email list to reach and inform established as well as new prospects. The company enhances these email lists with a marketing database which allows for customization, specific data as well as precise targeting.

Within Email Marketing, analytics such as tracking clicks and responses assist in understanding which aspects of the campaign at hand are working smoothly. This therefore allows for easy measurability and flexibility according to the results. There is also high success within email marketing as the ideal customer is targeted directly.