Enterprise-grade DDoS defence for small and medium-sized organisations is accesible in preview.

Customers transferring their applications to the cloud face a number of availability and security issues, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults. Despite the fact that cyberattacks are on the rise, they usually only reach the headlines when a significant business is a victim. Contrary to popular belief, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are just as alluring to hackers. 1 Large enterprises have the tools necessary to protect themselves, while small businesses frequently lack the funding and manpower needed to counter DDoS attacks.

At Microsoft, we consistently improve our product offerings to meet the needs of all enterprises, and part of that effort includes assisting SMBs in their journey toward digital transformation by making sure they are protected against the most recent DDoS attack vectors. As we announced at Microsoft Ignite, the preview version of the new SKU of Azure DDoS Protection designed for SMBs, Azure DDoS IP Protection SKU, is now accessible.

Enterprise-level DDoS protection at a reasonable price for small enterprises

In order to satisfy the needs of SMBs, DDoS IP Protection offers enterprise-level DDoS protection at a competitive price. When it comes to safeguarding your resources and applications from evolving DDoS attacks, it provides the same fundamental features as Azure DDoS Network Protection (previously known as Azure DDoS Protection Standard), including L3/L4 automatic attack detection and mitigation, metrics and alerts, mitigation flow logs, mitigation policies tailored to customer applications, and close integration with Azure Firewall Manager, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Customers now have the choice to enable DDoS protection on specific public IP addresses thanks to the DDoS IP Protection SKU. This affordable DDoS protection service will help SMB clients that need to safeguard a few public IP addresses.

Core characteristics of Azure DDoS IP Protection

 Massive mitigation capacity and scale: With cloud-scale DDoS protection supported by Azure’s global network, you can defend your workloads against the biggest and most complex attacks.

Adaptive tuning: With adaptive tuning that is adjusted to the size and real traffic patterns of your application, you can safeguard your apps and resources while reducing false positives.

Attack analytics, metrics, and logging: Keep track of DDoS attacks in close to real-time and act swiftly in the event of an attack with knowledge of the attack lifecycle, vectors, and mitigation.

Integration with Azure Firewall Manager:  Manage your DDoS defence centrally, along with other network security services, throughout your environment.

Integration with Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud: Improve your security posture by integrating Microsoft Sentinel’s advanced attack analytics and telemetry with Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s security warnings and guidance.

Graphical architecture of DDoS Ip Protection SKU.


Selecting the appropriate DDoS protection SKU for your requirements

Currently, Azure DDoS protection comes in two SKUs:

For SMB clients with a few public IP resources who require a comprehensive DDoS protection solution that is fully managed, simple to deploy, and easy to monitor, DDoS IP Protection is advised.

It is advised that bigger businesses and organisations choose DDoS Network Protection (formerly known as Azure DDoS Protection Standard) to safeguard their entire deployment, which spans numerous virtual networks and contains a high number of public IP addresses. In addition, it offers discounts on Azure Web Application Firewall and value-added features like cost protection and DDoS Rapid Response.

Following is a detailed review of these two SKUs:

Table comparing features between DDoS IP Protection and DDoS Network Protection. Additional features for Azure DDoS Network Protection include DDoS rapid response support, cost protection, and WAF discount.


Cost of Azure DDoS IP Protection

You only pay for the protected public IP resources when using DDoS IP Protection SKU. Each secured public IP resource has a fixed monthly fee and no additional variable charges. Prices may differ per location. Beginning on February 1, 2023, IP Protection billing will be in force.

Start now

DDoS IP Protection is presently only available on the Public IP Standard SKU and is only available in preview in a few areas. DDoS IP Protection is only presently accessible through the Azure Preview Portal, however it will soon be accessible through the Azure Portal as well.

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