Endpoint Security from Microsoft

Zaid Shaikh, Technical Support Engineer Azure/Office 365

Corporate endpoint security platform Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is intended to assist enterprise networks in preventing, detecting, looking into, and responding to sophisticated attacks.
Microsoft’s powerful cloud service and technologies included in Windows 10 are combined to create Defender for Endpoint

Behavioral endpoint sensors : These sensors are built into Windows 10 and gather and analyse operating system behavioural signals before sending them to your private, isolated cloud instance of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

• Analytics for cloud security: Big data, device learning, and exclusive Microsoft optics are used to transform behavioural signals into insights, detections, and suggested countermeasures against sophisticated threats throughout the Windows ecosystem, business cloud products (including Office 365), and internet assets.

• Threat information: Threat intelligence, which is produced by Microsoft hunters and security teams and supplemented by threat intelligence from partners, enables Defender for Endpoint to recognise the tools, techniques, and procedures used by attackers and to send out alerts when these items are discovered in sensor data that has been gathered.

Endpoint Security from Microsoft:


Core Defender Vulnerability Management:

A contemporary risk-based methodology is used by built-in core vulnerability management capabilities to identify, evaluate, prioritise, and fix endpoint vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. A new Defender Vulnerability Management add-on for Plan 2 is available to improve your capacity to evaluate your security posture and lower risk.

Decrease of the attack surface:

The initial layer of protection in the stack is provided by the attack surface reduction set of capabilities. The capabilities resist assaults and exploitation by making sure configuration settings are appropriately set and exploit mitigation measures are used. The network protection and web protection features in this package limit access to dangerous IP addresses, domains, and URLs.

Protection of the future:

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint employs next-generation protection to further fortify the perimeter security of your network and to thwart all forms of new attacks.

Detection and reaction at the endpoint:

To identify, look into, and respond to sophisticated threats that could have gotten beyond the first two security pillars, endpoint detection and response capabilities are put in place. With the help of the query-based threat-hunting tool offered by advanced hunting, you may proactively discover breaches and develop unique detections.

Automated analysis and correction:

In addition to providing automatic investigation and remediation features that aid in reducing the frequency of warnings in minutes at scale, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint also has the ability to react fast to sophisticated assaults.

Devices with a Microsoft Secure Score:

Microsoft Secure Score for Devices is a feature of Defender for Endpoint that enables you to dynamically evaluate the security of your corporate network, spot vulnerable systems, and implement suggested countermeasures to raise the level of security throughout your company.

Microsoft Threats Experts:

The new managed threat hunting service from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offers proactive threat hunting, prioritisation, and extra context and insights to better enable Security operation centres (SOCs) to swiftly and correctly detect and address threats.

Centralised administration, configuration, and APIs:
Integrate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint into your existing workflows

Integration with Microsoft solutions:

Defender for Endpoint directly integrates with various Microsoft solutions, including:
• Microsoft Defender for Cloud
• Microsoft Sentinel
• Intune
• Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
• Microsoft Defender for Identity
• Microsoft Defender for Office
• Skype for Business

Microsoft 365 Defender:

A unified pre- and post-breach enterprise defence suite that natively integrates across endpoint, identity, email, and applications is created by Microsoft 365 Defender, Defender for Endpoint, and various Microsoft security solutions. This defence suite helps to recognise, stop, look into, and automatically respond to sophisticated attacks.

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