Endpoint Attack Warnings

Endpoint Attack Notifications, formerly known as Microsoft Threat Experts – Targeted Attack Notification, offers proactive searching for the most significant dangers to your network, such as human adversary incursions, hands-on-keyboard attacks, or sophisticated attacks like cyber-espionage. These alerts appear as a new alert. The controlled hunting service consists of:

  • Threat analysis and monitoring, decreasing dwell time and business risk
  • Artificial intelligence trained for hunting to find and priorities both known and unknown attackers
  • locating the most crucial threats and assisting SOCs to make the most of their time and effort
  • A speedy SOC reaction requires the scope of the breach and as much context as is promptly deliverable.

Screenshot of the Endpoint Attack Notifications alert

Subscribe to Endpoint Attack Notifications

You may sign up for Endpoint Attack Notifications if you have Microsoft Defender for Endpoint installed on your computer. For instructions, navigate to Settings > Endpoints > General > Advanced features > Endpoint Attack Notifications. You’ll benefit from Endpoint Attack Notifications after you’ve agreed to them.

How to enable Endpoint Attack Notifications in 365 Defender Portal

Get alerts about Endpoint Attacks

Microsoft’s managed hunting service creates custom warnings called Endpoint Attack Notifications depending on suspicious behavior in your environment. They may be seen using a variety of platforms:

  • The Microsoft 365 Defender portal’s alerts queue
  • using the API
  • Advanced hunting’s table for Device Alert Events
  • if you set up an email notifications rule, your email.

The following characteristics of Endpoint Attack Notifications:

  • Include the tag “Endpoint Attack Notification”
  • Have a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint service source- Contact Microsoft Defender experts.

Make a rule for email notifications.

For those who will get email notifications, rules can be set up. For more information on how to create, amend, remove, or troubleshoot email notifications, see Configure alert notifications.

If you signed up for Endpoint Attack Notifications but aren’t receiving any notifications from the service, it means your security is strong and you are less vulnerable to attacks.

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